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Shoe Shine Supplies

Tools for a Professional Shine

Premium Four Piece Brush Set

Complete Brush Set.png
Complete Brush Set.png

Premium Four Piece Brush Set


Professional quality shoeshine brushes and polish daubers made from tightly stitched 100% horsehair bristles.  Unlike synthetic brushes, horsehair is both extremely soft and durable, letting you build a deep shine without damaging the shoe's leather upper.

This four piece set includes:

  • 6.75" Black Wood-Backed Horsehair Shoe Shine Brush 
  • 6.75" Silver/Grey Wood-Backed Horsehair Shoe Shine Brush
  • 5" Black Horsehair Polish Dauber
  • 5" Silver/Grey Horsehair Polish Dauber

For a step by step guide on using horsehair brushes or any other American Shine Co. tools read here.

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