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Our Premium Handmade Shoe Shine Boxes and Accessories

Premium Four Piece Brush Set

Complete Brush Set.png
Complete Brush Set.png

Premium Four Piece Brush Set


Professional quality shoeshine brushes and polish daubers made from tightly stitched 100% horsehair bristles.  Unlike synthetic brushes, horsehair is both extremely soft and durable, letting you build a deep shine without damaging the shoe's leather upper.

This four piece set includes:

  • 6.75" Black Wood-Backed Horsehair Shoe Shine Brush 
  • 6.75" Silver/Grey Wood-Backed Horsehair Shoe Shine Brush
  • 5" Black Horsehair Polish Dauber
  • 5" Silver/Grey Horsehair Polish Dauber

For a step by step guide on using horsehair brushes or any other American Shine Co. tools read here.

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